This is one of GBSC's two Blanik L-23's, which are used for training and for demonstration flights.
Blanik L-23
If you would like to try soaring flight, GBSC offers a one-day trial membership. A charge of $75 includes a briefing about the sport, a walkaround of the glider you will be flying, followed by a 20-30 minute flight. All demonstrations are given by FAA certificated flight instructors or commercial pilots. If you decide to join the club, $30 of this fee will be applied to your dues. Demo flights are done when gliders and pilots are available (most Saturdays and Sundays), or may be scheduled in advance by contacting Jim Kowalski.

If you wish to purchase a gift certificate for a demonstration flight online, the buttons below will connect you with a secure shopping server on

Demonstration Flight ($75)