DO, Instructor, Tow Pilot and Juniors Schedule

Last Update: 6/26/2002

Please make sure that this list is correct by contacting Eric Frere (978) 392-6764.

                                      Tow Pilot
Date        D.O.        Instructor  A.M.      P.M        Juniors
6/29  Sat   R. Johnson  Watson      Gammon    Smith      Aaron/Bob/Malcolm/Andy/Chris
6/30  Sun   Frere       Watson      Poduje    Friedman   Adam/Carl/John/Jim          
7/06  Sat   Nadler      Johnson     Gammon    Smith      Aaron/Bob/Malcolm/Andy/Chris
7/07  Sun   Pandey      Krueger     Poduje    Pugh       Adam/Carl/John/Jim          
7/13  Sat   Loraditch   Johnson     In'Tvelt  Friedman   Aaron/Bob/Malcolm/Andy/Chris
7/14  Sun   Kettle      Parrish     Hollister Pugh       Adam/Carl/John/Jim          
7/20  Sat   Pathak      Watson      Smith     In'Tvelt   Aaron/Bob/Malcolm/Andy/Chris
7/21  Sun   MacMillan   Watson      Easom     Hollister  Adam/Carl/TJ/John/Jim       
7/27  Sat   Ozbas       Baxa        Pugh      Friedman   Aaron/Bob/Malcolm/Andy/Chris
7/28  Sun   Hradecky    Krueger     Fletcher  Smith      Adam/Carl/TJ/John/Jim       
8/03  Sat   Detrich     Gaisford    Gammon    Fletcher   Andy/Chris/?/?              
8/04  Sun   Nordmann    Parrish     Fletcher  In'Tvelt   Adam/Carl/TJ/Jim            
8/10  Sat   Frere       Wren        Easom     Friedman   Aaron/Bob/Malcolm/Andy/Chris
8/11  Sun   Gold        Rosenberg   Poduje    In'Tvelt   Adam/Carl/TJ/John/Jim       
8/17  Sat   Blieden     Krueger     Gammon    Pugh       Bob/Malcolm/Andy/Chris      
8/18  Sun   Glow        Gaisford    Hollister Clark      Adam/Carl/TJ/John/Jim       
8/24  Sat   Kwasnik     Newman      Easom     Fletcher   Aaron/Bob/Malcolm/Andy/Chris
8/25  Sun   Aldrich     Newman      Clark     Smith      Adam/Carl/TJ/John/Jim       
8/31  Sat   Rossoni     Parrish     Gammon    In'Tvelt   Aaron/Bob/Malcolm/Andy/Chris
9/01  Sun   Vickery     Krueger     Easom     Smith      Adam/Carl/TJ/John/Jim       
9/07  Sat               Johnson     Pugh      Friedman   Aaron/Bob/Malcolm/Andy/Chris
9/08  Sun   Moysey      Baxa        In'Tvelt  Clark      Adam/Carl/TJ/John/Jim       
9/14  Sat   Taylor      Johnson     Gammon    Friedman   Aaron/Bob/Malcolm/Andy/Chris
9/15  Sun   Nelson      Rosenberg   In'Tvelt  Hollister  Adam/Carl/TJ/John/Jim       
9/21  Sat   Kaynor      Parrish     Pugh      Smith      Malcolm/Bob/Aaron
9/22  Sun   Looft       Krueger     Easom     Clark      Adam/Carl/TJ/John
9/28  Sat   R. Johnson  Wren        Gammon    Smith      Malcolm/Bob/John
9/29  Sun   Watekaitis  Gaisford    Poduje    Friedman   Adam/Carl/TJ/Aaron